AP Ration Card Status 2020 EPDS AP Rice Card Spandana Apply Online Updates

AP Ration Card Status 2020 EPDS AP Rice Card Spandana Apply Online: As we all know about the ration card and its importance in our day to day life for getting not only subsidized food material but also to avail many government features and scheme which is given by government time to time. Some or most of the scheme can only be availed by the AP Ration cardholder.

Rice ration card by Andhra Pradesh Government

The state government of Andhra Pradesh has decided to issue rice ration card through the website https://epdsap.ap.gov.in/epdsAP/epds

Ration card is a document which is required for the people who are below the poverty line for not only getting subsidised food product but also show the nationality of a country. Those who hold the Andhra Pradesh Rice ration card are eligible for availing the different plans and schemes of food security by state and national government. For that, the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh Mr. Jaganmohan Reddy has decided to provide rice ration cards to all the weaker sections of the society.

AP Ration Card 2020 Status

AP Ration Card

Though all government of different states provides different ration card for their people here we are discussing about the Andhra Pradesh government scheme of rice ration card and how to apply where to apply and to check the status of AP rice Ration card application status.

Steps to be followed for checking the status of rice ration card

To check the status of new rice card applicant the following simple steps they have to follow:-

  • They have to visit the website and click on the ration card status tab where they can enter their ration card number Aadhar number.
  • Click on the submit card. By putting this type of details their present status for the ration card will be shown to them. 
  • Now they need to click on final status tab to see the final status of the ration card.

We all need to know about who can and how to avail this new ration card scheme or rice ration card scheme of Andhra Pradesh.

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The eligibility criteria for availing this are given as below :-

  • Firstly the person’s monthly income should be less than 10000 in village areas and should be less than 12000 in city areas.
  • The family should not own any type of luxurious vehicles however the commercial small vehicles like taxi autos and tractors are exempted from this
  • Any member from the family should not be pensioner or any government employee however the workers of small scale like cleaner are exempted from this.
  • The family should not own land or property more than 750 square feet in urban areas.
  • Their monthly consumption of the electricity should be less than 300 units.

Replacement of old ration card to new rice ration card

Under this scheme government of Andhra Pradesh wants to replace the old version of ration card from February 2020 planned to replace the old card with new Andhra Pradesh rice card to make a food and immunity supply chain which will be beneficiary to the most of the economic weaker section, lower caste and poor people.

In this scheme of rice ration card the prices of the good are very less compared to the market price. These concessional prices are carried out to make easy availability of food to the poor section of society and their family.

Essential amenities along with the amount and price per kg:-

 Here we are providing the information about the price of amenities with their amount to be distributed per month along with the price and name of commodity.

  1. Rice to AAY of maximum 35 kg will be provided with the rate of 1 rs per kg
  2. Wheat will be provided 1 kg per BPL card at the rate of 16.50 rs per kg
  3. sugar will be provided 1 kg per AAY at the rate of 13.50 rs per kg
  4. Red gram dal will be provided 2 kg per BPL at the rate of 40 rs per kg
  5. Salt will be provided 1 kg at the rate of 12 rs per kg
  6. Jowar will be provided 2 kg at the rate of 1 rs per kg
  7. Rice to white card  will be provided 5 kg per card free of cost
  8. Rice on Annapurna card will be provided 10 kg per card free of cost
  9. Ragi (millets) will be provided 3 kg per card at the rate of 1 rs per kg

Procedure for applying for Andhra Pradesh rice ration card

Long-time back when there was no digitalization of the services, the time period to avail new cards and to get rations on time was very tedious work but as of now due to digitalization of many services we can easily apply for them through not only online but offline as well. And the whole process is transparent and easily available to the people.  Now they do not need to visit the ration shop or other related department with their application forms.

To apply for the new AP ration card through online process the following steps need to be followed:-

  • The applicant should visit the website of Andhra Pradesh Civil supplies department.
  • Where they Need to submit all the relevant details and upload the required documents and they have to press the submit button to start the process of application form.
  • They will be provided with the reference number which should be noted by them to know the status and for future reference.

With this reference they can check the status of their rice ration card in future

Steps Needed to generate duplicate Card

The Government of Andhra Pradesh is also providing facilities to generate duplicate card or we can say to print the rice ration card. Here are the simple steps which can be followed to print the ration card through online facilities

Firstly you need to go to the official page of Andhra Pradesh Civil supplies department https://epdsap.ap.gov.in/epdsAP/epds where you will find an option to print the ration card. By providing the details of AP Ration Card number you can easily print the rice ration card.

Filing Online Complaint

By the time if there will be problem in availability of ration card or any issue related to the process, they can lodge their complaint on given website through which a homepage will open and then it is needed to go to the applied section where they can click on grievances and get a dropdown menu on that page. Then they need to to put ration card number or Aadhar card number through which they can file their complains at this time. Also they will get a complaint number which should be noted by them for future reference

To know About the Transaction History

A link is also provided to check the transaction history through which by putting their ration card number they can check the history of transaction which are made buy that ration card and the complete detail will be shown there

Helpline no. for the Andhra Pradesh Ration Card:-

The government is also providing a helpline number where you can directly contact the concerned member and can tell your problems directly on phone call or by emailing them on their mail ID. The details for the helplines are provided below:-

Helpline no.  040-23494808 / 822

Email id- [email protected]

Toll free- 1967

Important Link

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