Shramik Special Trains List 5th May Route, Schedule State Wise For Migrant Labour

Shramik Special Trains List 5th May Route, Schedule State Wise For Migrant Labour- The government of India has decided to run Shramik Special Trains to bring the migrants back to their home. The decision has been taken by Ministry of Home affairs that the lockdown will extend 17th of May however there may be a chance of extension of lockdown further.  The first train started from Lingampalli in Telangana to Hatia in Jharkhand.  The migrant register themself firstly to the Government website of their states. After fulfilling the complete detail the government of the state will be informed about them and then will be arranged.

Obejctives of Shramik Special Trains

Different different states are updating their labour websites for registering more and more labour to bring them back to their state and for that the Nodal Officer has been appointed whose complete duty is thoughts assigning the complete detail of migrants who wants to come and arranging them. The work of nodal officers of their respective States starts with the listing of number of migrants who have register themselves to come to their home and till they will reach their home safely.

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The complete procedure includes listing of migrants, contacting them and providing them information about how to catch and from where to catch the trains. They have to supervise the proper check-up Or scanning of the migrants before boarding the train and help them in maintaining social distancing after boarding the train. The migrants will reach the destination from where again there will be a scanning which will done to check if everyone is safe or not after that they all will be grouped according to the district they want to go and at the districts border there will be camp known as Quarantine camp.

Shramik Special Trains List

There they need to stay for next 14 days and proper checking of their health will be done and food and basic amenities will be provided to them at that place. after successfully crossing the 14 days isolation they are allowed to visit their home. in some state they were insisted for home Quarantine and after spending the 21 days of home Quarantine they again need to visit the hospital for scanning.

Need of Shramik Special Trains

The need for providing this special train because since 22nd of March the country is in lockdown and all the workplaces are closed which made the daily wage labourers and weaker section of society helpless who works in other state for better opportunity of earning are facing lot of problem.

They were daily wage labour and because of the lockdown their jobs has been snatched and now they are facing the problem for the food for two time also because of that many labours and migrants started to go back to their home but as a there is no transportation services they cannot reach home.

Shramik Special Trains List

As now they are facing problems of Hunger they have decided to go by walk but as the distance is very much it is taking around 14 to 15 days in some cases to reach their home and they are facing so many problems in between of their way. Also while travelling some of them moving in a group which increases the cases of coronavirus in India. They are so much terrified and scared that just because of some fake news also they started to gather at Bus Stands and Railway Station.

Now as of no sign till when the lockdown will be over the government of the States has requested the union government to start the train so that they can bring back there migrant. However on 1st of May the ministry of home affairs has accepted the request and generated a circular in which this said they are ready for the trains however the journey reservation charge of 30 rupees and 20 rupees for food that is total of 50 rupees per migrant should be paid by the state government.

Schedule of Shramik Express Special Trains For 5th May 2020

The first slot of train has started and another slot of 2nd may notification has also been released and in the this way the trains are planned to run.

The first special train has started from

  1.  Lingampally of Telangana to the Hatia of Jharkhand which carried approximately 1200 passenger.

Five more train which has been started are given as below

  • Jaipur to Patna  – 10 pm
  • Nasik to Bhopal – 8 pm
  • Aluva to Bhubaneswar – 6 pm
  • Nashik to Lucknow – 9.30 pm
  • Kota to Hatia – 10 pm

The planning for 2nd May train running are as follows:-

  1. Surat to Berhampur – 4 pm
  2. Bhiwandi to Gorakhpur – late evening
  3. Ajmer to Kolkata – evening
  4. Kota to Dhanbad – evening
  5. Trivandrum to Hatia – 2 pm
  6. Ernakulam to Danapur – 3 pm
  7. Ernakulam to Khurda Road – 6 pm
  8. Tirur to Danapur – 5.30 pm
  9. Calicut to Hatia – 5 pm
  10. Nagpur to Lucknow – evening

Shramik Special Trains on 4th May 2020

  • जयपुर (राजस्थान) से पटना (बिहार) 1200
  • कोटा (राजस्थान) से हटिया (झारखंड) 1000
  • नासिक (महाराष्ट्र) से लखनऊ (यूपी) 850
  • नासिक (महाराष्ट्र) से भोपाल (मध्य प्रदेश) 347
  • लिंगमपल्ली (तेलंगाना) से हटिया (झारखंड) 1140
  • एर्नाकुलम (केरल) से भुवनेश्वर (ओडिशा) 1200
  • तिरुअनंतपुरम (केरल) से हटिया (झारखंड) 1200
  • साबरमती (गुजरात) से आगरा (यूपी) 

However there is lot of confusion about from where to book the ticket and how to get the seats and all. For this the clarification has been given by government that there is no registration for trains from the website of IRCTC the routes and timing will be chosen by senior officer who has been appointed as nodal officers for proper and smooth running of the trains. The person who has to board the train should be sound in health and specially should not have any disease like cold cough and fever. They need not to bring any meals to eat. Meals will be provided to them at the train for which the cost will be taken from the state government.

The procedure to run the trains between different state and different district will take a little time as the number of migrants is very big. However the government is doing their best to do this as soon as possible. All the migrants need to keep calm and do not create panic so that the chain of covid-19 can be broken.

Frequently Asked Questions

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