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Tamil Nadu e-Pass Status Curfew Epass TN Apply Online– The world is going through the worst situation till now. As we know that a very pandemic situation has created all over the world and India is also affected by it in a very brutal manner. Due to the spread of coronavirus, the Prime Minister of the country Mr. Narendra Modi was forced to implement lockdown to all over the country and all the states and union territories have to support the Prime Minister of India. Different may have different opinion but to stop this situation it is very much required to stay together while staying apart.  

Keeping more social distancing we will be able to stop this pandemic situation by pressing the chain. In Tamil nadu the total number of cases of coronavirus cases 250 in which 150 has recovered and 250 are the active cases however 12 people has also died with this disease and there is no cure or vaccine for this..  The only way is social distancing and self isolation. The situation is going out of the hand and we have given bet on the economy while saving the life of people and it is our duty to safeguard more and more people.

Tamil Nadu e-Pass Curfew

Tamil Nadu COVID-19 e-Pass

The lockdown was done for one day as Janata curfew on 22nd of March, after the success of one day it’s in implemented all over the country from the very next day 23rd march for 21 days till 17th of May but as the situation is getting worse day by day it is required to increase or extend the lockdown and for that the government has extended it till 3rd of May.  However, the Telangana government is not satisfied and has increased the extension till 17th of May and if the situation will not get in control the lockdown may increase further.

Quick Overview of Tamil Nadu COVID-19 curfew e-pass

The main objective of the curfew e-passes is to support the common people who are in need of medicine, food items. These are the very much important items for which they must have to go out. This method of providing curfew e-passes to the people of Tamil Nadu state the cops and corona warriors can easily discriminate between who is going for a purpose or who are just roaming on the road by breaking the law of lockdown and becoming a link of the chain of coronavirus.

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Difference states are putting their efforts in their own manner to recover from this deadly situation. In the same way the Tamil nadu Government, that is the Government of palani swamy has also put a complete lockdown throughout the state but keeping in view that there may be some work of common people like arrangement of essential commodities, foods and medicine for arrangement of these commodities they need to go out and for that the government has decided to provide E-passes through which they can go out for emergency purposes without getting any hassle from the police.

Benefits of TN COVID-19 Curfew e-Pass

When we need to see the benefits of curfew epasses the first thing we can say is the person who is going out for medical facilities or for Healthcare checkup or for getting foods for supply to grocery shop. As it is very difficult to go out and take food so vendors need to be there on doorstep to provide things. This will benefit them.

Services for which Curfew Passes is Generated

Although the curfew will let the citizen of India to go out however not all work will be open some very important work and offices will be opened. List of the officers and services which will be available during the lock down are given as follow:- 

  1. General and retailer shop
  2. Police
  3. All type of ATM
  4. Hospital and other Healthcare services
  5. Internet and other communication method
  6. Emergency services like ambulance
  7. Petrol pump
  8. Almost all government offices
  9. Fire station
  10. Medical facilities like medicines shop
  11. Groceries like vegetables are available
  12. Shop of meat, fish and poultry

Procedure to apply for Tamil Nadu Curfew e-pass

The procedure to apply for a curfew E-pass for Tamil Nadu State is very easy and one can get it through online by providing some details the vehicle which they are going to use the purpose name address and ID proof of them they need to visit the website of where they have to provide the detail such as:-

  1. Full name of applicant
  2. Mobile number
  3. Date of birth
  4. Email-id
  5. Type of applicant
  6. Last four digit of Aadhar number
  7. House number Landmark district that means complete address
  8. Their vehicle registration number
  9. Vehicle type
  10. Journey type
  11. Purpose of travel
  12. The validity of the pass
  13. The route of the Traveling and
  14. reason which will justify your travelling along with the details of the family member on the member who are travelling with you however a declaration should be submitted by the applicant.

At the time of submission of form they have to accept that they are providing every details correct and ID there travelling is completely important and reasonable also they need to say that if they find any information wrong above the authorities have right to cancel their application also the applicant need to declare that he will or she will confine herself or himself to be in home Quarantine for 14 day when the applicant will return to the district

TN e-Pass Status

A Captcha of mixed alphabet and number will be shown which need to be tell correctly and after the submission the curfew pass will be generated for the given date and from that he pass one can travel for their emergency purpose however the government is requesting to the people not to use this curfew pass until and unless it is very very important. Because only social distancing staying at home keeping yourself away from the public gathering will save us from the wrath of covid-19.

Procedure to check status of the TN curfew pass

After registering yourself the person will be eligible to get an e pass of Tamil Nadu Government for traveling for emergency purposes. However, it will take little time to initiate the process and make the E-pass. Person who wants to track the application status of his application about the initialization and finalization of the curfew E-pass he can visit the link which is given here. So that link will help him to directly view and check whether the application has been processed or not. The trying of the application will be done by application reference number or by the one time password that is OTP by the registered mobile number. In case if the applicant has forgotten the password there is an option of resetting the password by which the candidate can reset the password.

Helpline provided by the Tamil Nadu Government

Apart from the curfew e-pass, the Government of Tamil Nadu has also introduced helpline number 044-29510500 from where the people can contact directly with the authorities who can help them in the bad situation. By using this number the hassle-free contact between the authorities and people can be done.

COVID-19 Contact Number

In case of any kind of emergency you may contact the number given below

  • Control room numbers (24x 7): 044-27237107, 044-27237207
  • WhatsApp contact: 9445071077
  • Senior citizen counseling center phone numbers (10 to 5): 044-28590804, 044-28599188

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