West Bengal Migrant Workers Registration Online Form WB Nodal Officer Helpline Number

West Bengal Migrant Workers Registration Form- The world is facing a very big challenge of coronavirus and India is also a part of it in India there are almost 46000 cases has been tested till now out of which 1500 has died due to this coronavirus and almost 13,000 has been recovered but the situation is still not in our control and till date, there is no vaccine only precautions can save us from this pandemic situation. The major step is taken to maintain the social distancing among the people the government has decided for the complete lockdown of the country since the 22nd of March 2020.

West Bengal Migrant Workers Registration

However, till now, the government has announced that lockdown will continue up to the 17th of May but there may be chances for the extension. However, the lockdown is not only affecting people but also the economy of the country is also degrading day by day. All school colleges, Industries, factories, Temples even railways are closed and because of that the government is facing a slowdown of the economy as there is no work, no factory is running. The major crisis is with the poor and daily wage workers. They do not have sufficient saving and as because their daily wage worker there now fighting with to issues that is corona along with hunger.

West Bengal Migrant Workers Registration

Motive of Return of West Bengal Workers Registration Form

The West Bengal government of Mamta Banerjee has decided to bring back there workers and migrants who are staying outside the state for better opportunities of jobs and earning as because all the factories are closed so there is no earning specially for the poor people. So it is very much important to bring them back to their home so that at least in this situation they stay with their family.

Peoples of other states are trying to take the road as a way to reach their home by walk and by that there may be a chance of increase of a number of coronavirus patient as it is a communicable disease and it can be spread from person to person so it is very much required to keep them socially away from each other and make them reach their home.

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মমতা বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায়ের পশ্চিমবঙ্গ সরকার কর্মী ও উপার্জনের আরও ভাল সুযোগের জন্য রাজ্যের বাইরে অবস্থানরত কর্মী এবং অভিবাসীদের সেখানে ফিরিয়ে আনার সিদ্ধান্ত নিয়েছে কারণ সমস্ত কারখানা বন্ধ রয়েছে বলে দরিদ্র মানুষের জন্য বিশেষভাবে কোন উপার্জন নেই। সুতরাং তাদের তাদের বাড়িতে ফিরিয়ে আনা খুব গুরুত্বপূর্ণ, যাতে অন্তত এই পরিস্থিতিতে তারা পরিবারের সাথে থাকে।

Benefit of West Bengal Migrant Workers Registration

The registration of workers who are staying outside of West Bengal will help them to reach home back and for this they need to apply on the government website which is given below and have to fulfill the complete details which has been asked by the details the government of West Bengal will try to communicate to the people and help them out to come back to West Bengal.

West Bengal Migrant Workers Registration is important because it will make them to help the needy and to know about the total migrants who are staying outside the state and out of them how many want to return home. These registrations are going on all over the country and each state has started the procedure take out their standard labours and migrants

যে সকল শ্রমিক পশ্চিমবঙ্গের বাইরে অবস্থান করছেন তাদের নিবন্ধন তাদের দেশে ফিরে যেতে সহায়তা করবে এবং এর জন্য তাদের নীচে দেওয়া সরকারী ওয়েবসাইটে আবেদন করতে হবে এবং সরকারের কাছে বিবরণী জানতে চাওয়া হয়েছে এমন সম্পূর্ণ বিবরণ পূরণ করতে হবে পশ্চিমবঙ্গ জনগণের সাথে যোগাযোগ করার এবং পশ্চিমবঙ্গে ফিরে আসতে তাদের সহায়তা করার জন্য এই নিবন্ধকরণটি গুরুত্বপূর্ণ হবে কারণ এটি দরিদ্রদের সাহায্য করতে এবং যারা রাজ্যের বাইরে অবস্থান করছে এবং তাদের মধ্যে কীভাবে বাইরে চলেছে তাদের সম্পর্কে জানতে তাদের সহায়তা করবে অনেকে দেশে ফিরতে চান

Documents Required for West Bengal Migrant Workers Registration

The documents which are required for registering themselves are the identity proof which can be any of them like Aadhar, voter ID card or driving license. One proof of address is also required along with the details of mobile number and the details of the state where they are staying right now.

After having these details the Nodal Officer of the West Bengal will contact them and will tell the procedure about how they can come back to home.

Procedure to apply for the West Bengal Migrants Return

For return to the west Bengal for the migrant it is required to fill the required details in the registration form of the link which will be provided please detail needs to be filled carefully and the procedure to fill the form is discussed below:-

  1. To open the required page the website is https://www.wb.gov.in/
  2. While reaching the home page a tab of the one-way interstate pass will come.
  3. The details are needed to fill there whichever is asked.
  4. After filling the form an OTP will come on registered no.
  5. Providing the OTP click on the submit button.
  6. Take a print out of the form for future reference.

Click Here to Apply Online

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Eligibility for applying for the return of migrant registration form

Ans .The only eligibility is he should be the permanent resident of of West Bengal

Q. What are documents required

Ans . The documents which are required are identity proof address proof mobile number and the state where you are staying right now

Q. What time it will take for to get back home

Ans . After filling the form the details will be sent to nodal officers and procedure will start and very soon applicant will be home

Q. How much money do I have to pay

Ans . There is no money being charged for the registration of form

Q. Where can I register myself for the return?

Ans . For return of migrant the applicant has to register at and follow the above step.

Helpline for WB Migrant Workers Registration Form

The government of West Bengal has generated a helpline number through which a migrant can contact with the officer and all the doubt will be cleared by them the helpline number is 033-22488150 and applicant can mail also on this mail ID [email protected]

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